Lori and Samantha at the park

Sam had a great time at the park, until it was time to leave, of course!

newport dunes

Pictures around newport dunes (home for the past 9 months)

Gary's visit to Seattle

Some pictures from Gary's recent trip to Seattle

CA Adventure and Disneyland

Recently went to CA Adventure and Disneyland, compliments of free company tickets; one cold rainy day, and one very warm day. Rexie stayed at the Disney Kennel Club, which wasn't the happiest place on earth for him!

Crystal Cove - Corona del Mar

A few pictures from recent visits to Crystal Cove State Park and Corona del Mar which are right next door.

Also, went to the Memorial Day concert for Placentia Symphonic Bank in the "East Room" of the Nixon Library (terrific concert in a fantastic venue - exact replica of the East Room of the White House).