San Diego - Mission Bay RV Park

We're now settled down at Mission Bay RV Resort in San Diego. We've been enjoying the bay and the terrific bike paths in the area. We took the kayak around the bay and across the way to Campland on the Bay where we were thinking about staying - they have lots of activities and live bands, but had no availability except a parking lot with no hookups for the same price we are paying at Mission Bay RV! Here's a shot of the kayak on the Campland beach, looking across at Mission Bay RV where we are staying.

We've been having a good time on the bycicles; here's Gary on the electric orange.

We store the kayak under a slide-out; Gabe has decided it is a nice place to nap.

Leaving San Onofre

We were treated to beautiful sunsets each evening from the deck. Except for the freeway noise and train, this was a terrific location.

On the way out of the park, we pulled up at the dump station, and a little birdie flew into the truck cab. He flopped around for a moment on the dash. Then, on his way out the window, he gave us a strong scolding for the imposition. Next time we'll have to be more careful to avoid trapping poor innocent birdies.

San Onofre Air Show!

Being right next to Camp Pendleton, we were treated to some fantastic "air shows" in the evenings, with big choppers circling and hovering just off our deck. We could see the guys hanging out the windows and waving. It was great!

San Onofre - July 13 - 17, 2008

We had a great time relaxing at San Onofre. The beach is beautiful - though the hikes and bike rides on the dirt trails made me appreciate and miss the "clean sands" of Newport Dunes. The water and showers around the bathrooms were invested with bees - Gary was stung while taking a shower. A neighbor's little boy was stung his first trip over there, and for the rest of the trip, each time his mom would walk him to the restrooms, he would be crying and not wanting to go! (can't blame him - poor kid!)

On one of our hikes, a rattle snake was at the head of the trail - we went back for a picture but it was gone! It's fine seeing them on the trail, but would rather not have one too close to the RV. And....very glad we weren't in a tent.

Goodbye to newport dunes!

Our last days at Newport Dunes and first days of "retirement" were very busy and filled with hard work! We cleaned out closets, storage bins, etc., and delivered a truckload to Goodwill. We did also make it to the opening day of the OC Fair (free admission, free parking if you arrive between noon and 1:00). We always enjoy the Bonsai, woodworking, and flower exhibits. Were not impressed with the food - we split a BBQ meal which was a disgrace for $12, and it made us both sick! (word to the wise: stay away from the OC Chuck Wagon)

Our last day in Newport was packing, and saying goodbye to neighbors who have become our good friends....we were lucky to have such great neighbors and had a lot of fun around the campfire with them! We will miss them and hope to get together again sometime down the road! Bob and Sue (with their dog Sam) we hope to see again as they have a home in Coronado and also a restaurant in San Diego we will be visiting, James and Marissa (with french bulldog Stuey) - hey guys, come on down to Mission Bay! and Mike and Billie (with shihtzu Scooter) - Billie and I are political soulmates.

I had been telling friends that Rexie was not the largest dog in the neighborhood. Lest you did not believe me, here's a shot of our neighbor Great Dane across the street. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the white Irish Wolfhound who even made this one look small!

4th of July at Newport Dunes

Finally getting around to posting pictures from the 4th of July. We had received a 20 lb box of mardi gras beads in the trailer when we bought it. So we loaded up the handle bars of the bikes, and road around the park on the 4th and gave out beads to all the kids.

Gabe was perfectly happy to stay home and relax on the deck.

We had never seen the beach and lagoon so crowded; so glad it wasn't like this all the time! Most of the time, the bay was peaceful and quiet, but the 4th was a zoo. Glenn and Gail came over that evening for barbeque and fireworks - we had a good time! And the drugs from the vet helped Rexie survive the fireworks, though he did not want to move for about the next 24 hours.

The arys' Upcoming Travel Plans

Hello all, we are going to make a "slow" trip out to my parents in Seneca, Missouri. Here are a few of our stops along the way:

We'll be making a brief stop in San Onofre Bluffs, being lulled to sleep by the pleasant sounds of the Metrolink trains and 5 freeway traffic:

We'll be in Mission Bay for 30 days to enjoy all that San Diego has to offer:

From there, it's a couple days in Laughlin, then 30 days in Flagstaff, while we visit Sedona, Grand Canyon, etc.:

Then in Mid-September, we'll hit Albuquerque just in time for the State Rodeo and the Balloon Festival:

We also hope to spend a few nights at Coronado just north of Albuquerque- it's an absolutely gorgeous setting on the Rio Grande, with a Casino next door - woo hoo!:

visit from a neighbor's doggie

A neighbor's dog came to visit and decided it was fun to carry around the cat's food dish; Rexie didn't know quite what to think of this tiny white fluffy thing
Gabe the fat cat knows how to relax; nothing seems to phase him.

Also, a picture of the movie on the beach - every Friday and Saturday night in the summer - everyone brings out their beach chairs to enjoy the movie on the bay.