2014-07-08 Kebo Mountain from Sieur de Monts Spring

We survived Hurricane Arthur with minimal damage - but there were power-outages in downtown Bar Harbor and lots of downed trees on the southern / exposed parts of the island. On my day off, I stuck to a less hazardous trail, avoiding rock scrambling and granite ledges which might be wet and slippery. Right away on the trail from Sieur du Monts Spring, signs of the storm were all around - fallen trees, branches, and washed out hillsides.

Kebo Mountain is a short 2 mile hike over a wooded summit with little view, a nice stretch of the legs with relatively easy footing, except for the first little hurricane-washed-out hillside leading up to the trailhead.
hurricane debris along the trail

The first bit up Hemlock Trail was a wash-out

A short stretch through a rock fall area

Then a turn to the right up Kebo Mountain - an easy walk

Most of Kebo Mountain is an easy stroll

Through the woods on a pine needle cushioned path

The summit of little Kebo Mtn provides little view

A small part of the trail on granite

A bit of a view towards Frenchman Bay

Returning via Stratheden Path, finding many fallen trees

Boardwalk on Jessup Path through Great Meadow