2012-06-20 Our First Moose for the Season!

We finally broke away Wednesday morning for a quick hike, up to Lost Lake just outside Nederland, come around the bend, and there he is....a young bull moose. Much smaller than the magnificent fellow we saw two years ago (just the other side of the mountain, same Indian Peaks Wilderness but on the west side of the Continental Divide). This young bull spent the whole hour + while we were there, happily munching away on the edge of the lake.  What a special treat for us!


2012-06 Around the Peak to Peak Hwy

We've taken a couple drives into Boulder (for a big market trip) and Denver (to return our Dish Network equipment - Hurrah!!! Good Riddence!!!) Along the way, the scenery is pretty spectacular. We also checked out some of the other local campgrounds so we could be somewhat knowledgeable when folks ask, and Gary also took some morning trips to check out other fishing possibilities. Lots of beautiful places...here are some of our pics from the surrounding area, doesn't even scratch the surface as we have been so busy, but what a fantastic area:

Around the Peak to Peak Hwy

2012-06 The charming mountain town of Nederland

Nederland is a great little mountain town 3 miles north of us on the Peak to Peak Hwy (Peak to Peak Hwy info  ).

Pictures around town: Our local sights in Nederland CO

It has multiple cafes, a nature / ecology center (http://wildbear.org/  ), smokehouse-brewery, museums, a beautiful carousel with all hand-carved wooden animals, a cafe in old train cars, an ancient steam shovel, a skate park and even a yoga center, all to intice weary travellers to stop in for a closer look. And well worth the stop.  http://nederlandco.org/

The Carousel of Happiness absolutely is a must-see. At $1.00 a ride, it is a bargain and special treat. http://www.carouselofhappiness.org/flashcarousel/flash.html

Also, turns out the fishing has been pretty good at Barker Reservoir!
Barker Reservoir in Nederland CO

Cannot complain at all about spending 4-5 months here. We are very lucky!

Now transmitting from Kelly Dahl Campground...

It's been over a month since I got to the blog, some catching up to do. We are enjoying our host position at Kelly Dahl. Great area, nice site, lots of nice people to meet, and only 1 camper arrested so far. Good thing only 1 in 250 is a bad egg. 

We have a terrific market nearby which puts their organic produce in the clearance bin regularly, never had so many good veggies at one-quarter price! Also great fishing, as Gary has been providing fresh trout for dinner at least two times a week. Woo hoo!

We're just now starting to get out and expore, hike, etc....will post those pics later.

Here's a few pics from Kelly Dahl:
Kelly Dahl Campground, Colorado