Lake Tahoe in early April

We took a trip to Tahoe to use our timeshare week (left the RV in storage at Sky Valley). I had not been up the 395 since I was a kid, never realized how scenic and beautiful this drive is. Gary's sister Sue joined us at the Tahoe Beach and Ski Club (very nice - right on the beach). We got a good snow and it was a fantastic winter wonderland for a day. Gary had a good time sledding on a local hill, and also went skiing at Heavenly.  No luck fishing on the lake though - not a bite! On the drive home, we toured the very beautiful June Lake Loop and drove through Mammoth (ski area was packed!) Unfortunately, Tioga pass was closed so we didn't get to drop by Yosemite (I really wanted to check up on MuirCat).  

The real fun happened when we got home and discovered the RV battery had died and everything in the freezer (my salmon fillets!!!) was rotten.  Eeeew, what a mess.  And I think it's gonna be a while before that smell goes away completely.

Professional videographers we're not....just had to share this

When we hiked up Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park, we were so impressed with the incredible vista, we made a nice little video.  On our second hike up, we deleted the original video because we decided to make a "better" video.  Gary was behind the camera, and I narrated, describing the various high sierra peaks, the tops of the majestic seqouias in the nearby grove, the amazing General's Highway down in the valley below, all from atop the amazing Moro Rock. All the while, Gary panned all the way around to really share the experience with all our friends and family. This was second take on our second hike up. Hope you all like it.

Guess I should mention for those of you who don't know...

Our old Rexie dog, who was nearly 16, had to be put down in November. We miss him terribly - particularly his happy woo -woo in greeting every time we walk in the door.

He was one of a kind. Many years ago, I went to the Orange County Animal Shelter looking for my lost cat Thomas, and had to walk down the "large dog" row to get to the cat building. Next thing I know, I'm looking into the sad eyes of this malamute and way....too big....too hairy.  But as I walked away.....he let out a long sad "wooooo ooooooo", and that was it.  He had me.  And I'm so glad he did. Brought home Rex, not to mention the little malnourished and quite sickly kitten Gabriel, who followed that dog everywhere for the rest of his life. Miss them both now.

Here's a link to Rexie's photo album:

Good Ole' Rexie

Easter in Huntington Beach

Sammy had fun at the dog beach gathering sea shells and building sand castles (which the dogs promptly trampled). Then on to Aunt Angie's for a fabulous easter dinner plus egg hunts amongst Angie's unbelievable flower gardens. Sammy and Robert spent some time building cardboard forts in the yard. If anyone was feeling drowsy after the feast, we were all wide awake after the shaking!  (Earthquake centered in Baja was felt quite distinctly in Huntington Beach!)

Winter in the desert - Joshua Tree National Park and Mt San Jacinto SP

We spent a couple nights camping (I mean....really camping...not that thing we do in the RV) at Joshua Tree. One thing for sure, we need a good inflatable mattress - too old to sleep on granite.  The Joshua Trees were in bloom and we enjoyed a few good hikes. Can you spot the horned toad?

Also took a ride up the Palm Springs Tramway to Mt San Jacinto State Park - did not realize just how isolated, mountainous, and rugged this area is. It is the tallest peak in Southern California, and the only way into the area is on the tram, or hiking (though this is questionable and highly dangerous if you don't know what you're doing - some experienced hikers have died up here.)

Moro Rock - Sequioa National Park - A Must See!

The hike up Moro Rock is about 400 steps with spectacular views (and drops) at every turn.  At about 6700 feet elevation, the top of this huge granite outcrop sits thousands of feet above the valley below, with views across the high sierras, the very windy Generals Highway, and down into the valley towards Visalia. Absolutely not to be missed.  After our hike we were treated to the the proverbial question, "Does a bear sh*# in the woods?"  See if you can spot the present he left.